Our  mission  is  to  reach  the  youth  with  musical  activities.

We  want  to  stimulate  our  students  to  maximize  their  potential. Knowledge  is  power  and  educating  the  brain  plays  a  big  role  in  improvement. So please enjoy while you watch our unique projects; we are very proud of them.

 PROJECT: ‘Makaveli Apostles’ @ New Arts College


 PROJECT: ‘Freedom Writers’ @ New Arts College


PROJECT: ‘Kinderarbeid’ @ Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum


PROJECT: ‘Rap Seminar’ @ Lorentz Lyceum


PROJECT: ‘Interview With Blaudzun’ @ Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum


PROJECT: ‘Promoday Greek History’ @ Schools, Eye Filmtheather & 3FM


PROJECT: Film Music For ‘Inadecuado’ @ Smokin’ Dog


PROJECT: ‘Euro-ARCO Masterclass and Workshops’ @ Wac Arts London


PROJECT: ‘Hiphop Hard’ @ Luxor Live


PROJECT: ‘Masterclass Young Noble (The Outlawz)’ @ De Mix